Material Music by Mo H. Zareei


The Garden Aotearoa showcases projects from New Zealand’s artists, musicians, scientists and researchers in the form of prototypical installations, performances and talks. The exhibition is live onsite with a few online events that can be accessed in any location. We are looking forward to welcome you in person in Wellington or online.


arc/sec Lab, et al.

LightSense introduces a new generation of responsive architecture. It combines a kinetic construction with 3D holographic information. An AI system allows the hybrid structure to perform autonomous architectural behaviours when talking to its visitors.

Ko Te Ākau

Charles Koroneho, et al.

Ko Te Ākau is a visual arts installation and curated performance program for live and virtual spaces. The project references the collaborative works of artists Ralph Hotere and Bill Culbert and serves as the inspiration for the Ākau.

Virtual Futuna

Prof Marc Aurel Schnabel, et al.

Using Virtual Reality, the Virtual Futuna Project makes site-specific human stories come to life. The project uses user-created photogrammetry models and oral histories to mediate the generation and contextualisation of a digital twin in the virtual realm.


Wayne Barrar, Mizuho Nishioka, et al.

“Maritime_Trace_Exposure/ cross-currents” is a collaborative project by the research group “An Architecture of the Sea”, whose work engages with the visualization of the marine environment in differing spatial settings.


Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria, et al. 

Love, loss and Black holes. MINIMUM MASS is the story of a couple who experience a series of miscarriages and come to believe their children are being born in another dimension.

A Fantastic Journey By Boat

Sarah-Jane Blake

A Fantastical Journey by Boat is an immersive performance and multi media art experience that takes you across a magical ocean. 

Tumour Evolution in Extended Reality (XR)

NETwork!, et al.

Explore the intersection of visualization technology and genomics. View cancer in time and space by merging radiology and genomics within Extended Reality (XR).

Senses Swirling in Virtual Reality

Thomas Tucker,  Tohm Judson, et al.

The Senses Swirling Project attempts to bridge the divide between the digital world and the physical by creating an immersive VR experience which engages all five senses and transportes participants into a space which feels hyperreal.

Machine Song: Gesture 2

Jim Murphy

Rotating motors coax sonorous mechanical gestures from steel and brass. This piece is part of an ongoing series exploring the creation diverse audiovisual expressions from simple mechanisms.

Material Music

Mo H. Zareei

Material Music offers an alternative approach to sonic materialism, one that emphasises the corporeal materiality of the sound object. 

Ensemble Mechatronic

Blake Johnston, Bridget Johnson, et al.

Ensemble mechatronic is a collaborative art project that features a collection of mechatronic sound sculptures exploring sonic space. The three works leverage the precision and expression of emerging mechatronic technologies to create immersive sonic experiences.


Blake Johnston

Spectra is a mechatronic audiovisual work that navigates the intersections of sound and light. The work investigates their shared medium and explores how each element interact and distort one another

Polynomial Divination

Douglas Easterly, Zach Challies, et al.

As with ancient tribal fires, we gather around the flickering pixels and voxels, drawing forth and projecting equal parts fascination and imagination. ‘Polynomial Divination’ is a meditation on this long-held dimension of human creativity and exploration – relying on a blend of computer-based rendering and a custom projection/lighting system.

Haptic Hongi

Tania Remana, Mairi Gunn, et al.

Multi-media artist Tania Remana greets us in accordance with her cultural and self-determined values. She does this through a volumetric capture. She is open and welcoming, yet in charge.

Does this volumetric greeting prepare us for a real encounter?


Jeremy J Ham, Uwe Woessner

Synaespatia is the experience of sound and music as spectacular and dynamic manifestations in virtual reality: the sensing of sound as space through the technologies of a Networked Musicospatial Virtual Environment (NMSVE).


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