A Fantastical Journey By Boat

An immersive performance and virtual reality experience


Sarah-Jane Blake (NZ/UK)


A Fantastical Journey by Boat is an immersive performance and multi media experience that takes you across a magical ocean. Join the Owl and the Cat in their tin can boat and enter a transformed seascape where birds may fly backwards and icebergs could be pink. ‘A Fantastical Journey by Boat’ is a two person at a time performance which explores virtual reality and eco-anxiety all with a nonsensical twist. In the form of a carnival side show/fun fair ride we meet Edward Lear’s characters, conjuring some nostalgia, but something is off beat. There is an underlying sense of dis-ease, a confusion. The colours are wrong, saturated, there is a chemical haze and the lens burns with heat, wildlife has been altered. Ecological emergency symbols appear absurd and drift by- broken toys from a child’s dream. The Owl and Cat are suffering from an overwhelming anxiety about the future, about their changing sea scape. All they do, for now, is row on.

Artist Biography:

Sarah-Jane is an artist and performance designer who mixes media and bends genres to create emotional curiosities. Her work investigates dark themes with a surreal humour and naive aesthetic. She seduces the viewer into an unexpected world with underlying currents of a bizarre and menacing nature. Man vs Nature and the decline of the environment is a strong theme throughout her work.



Project Credits:

This project was developed with support from James Blake (Film), Alistair Maude Roxby & Alice Louise Lacey (Audio), Khrissie Rhodes (mask design and construction), and Creative New Zealand.