Polynomial Divination



Douglas Easterly (NZ/US)

Zach Challies (NZ),

Zi Yong Ng (NZ/Singapore),


For longer than recorded history, humans have been devoted to an unquenchable desire to divine truth about the world around us: systems and forces that operate just beyond the reach of our control. This scenario is the wellspring of our cultural development, often coalescing across multiple domains of art, science, technology, and religion. The digital world provides boundless tools to simulate systems and forces, natural and imagined, with a high degree of fidelity. As with ancient tribal fires, we gather around the flickering pixels and voxels, drawing forth and projecting equal parts fascination and imagination. ‘Polynomial Divination’ is a meditation on this long-held dimension of human creativity and exploration – relying on a blend of computer-based rendering and a custom projection/lighting system.


Artist Biography:

Douglas Easterly’s interest in biology, mathematics, literature and history, help fuel and contextualize Doug’s full-time work as an educator and designer at Victoria University of Wellington. His research projects have been awarded for their innovative use of digital tools and storytelling. Today, Doug is the leader of the Animation programme, helping students develop new skills in creative software, design, and storytelling.
Zach Challies is a researcher in the field of industrial and media design, fascinated with how tools from the visual effects industry may have wider applications, especially in physical products. His primary interests include 3d Scanning, 3d printing and digital rendering, often seeking outcomes that can merge these tools and processes in unique and expressive ways. 
Zi Yong Ng, or Zed, is a Singapore-born New Zealand-based multimedia designer and digital maker. Zed’s area of interest focuses on the integration of art, design, science and technology in outputs such as multimedia installations and digitally created designs. 

Project Credits:

Doug Easterly / Victoria University of Wellington,

Zach Challies / Victoria University of Wellington,
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Zi Yong Ng (Zed) / Victoria University of Wellington,