Ultrasonic Whisper



DIV Lab (ShanghaiTech University):

Hua Yang (CN) 

Hongsheng Gao (CN)

Ziqiang Huang (CN)


arc/sec Lab (University of Auckland):

Uwe Rieger (DE/NZ)

Yinan Liu (NZ)


In collaboration with


MARS Lab (ShanghaiTech University):

Haufei Kuang (CN)


CASE Lab (ShanghaiTech University):

Tingting Yang (CN)




Ultrasonic Whisper creates an invisible landscape. It precisely overlays a digital soundscape with a space of 20m x 20m. The interactive installation features an ultrasonic tracking system that can detect the position and movement of individuals. A robotic arm with an attached ultrasonic speaker is used to target individual visitors with a narrow beam of sound. 

While multiple audience might occupy the site at the same time, the scene reveals itself to only one person at a time. The person targeted will be immersed in an imaginary garden: a small stream and, various animals that inhabit the grass, bushes, and trees. When resting on the central bench, an invisible voice will share the secrets of the garden and its inhabitants.

Artist Biography:

Hua Yang (CN) is the Professor, Executive Director of Intelligent Virtuality Design Lab (DIV Lab)School of Creativity and art, ShanghaiTech University. Her main research interests include information design, interaction design and new media art.  Her art works have been shown in exhibitions home and abroad, and have won several international awards in the field of digital media.

Uwe Rieger (DE/NZ) is Associate Professor for Design and Design Technology at the University of Auckland, where he has established the arc/sec Lab for Cyber-Physical Architecture and Interactive Systems. His work as an architect and researcher aims to connect the intangible digital world with multi-sensory qualities of physical constructions and spaces.  www.arc-sec.com

Yinan Liu (NZ) is a digital artist and programmer with an architectural background from the University of Auckland. She has developed a number of installations as part of the arc/sec Lab.  Yinan is the founding partner of arc/sec Solutions ltd., which develops customized applications for cross-reality environments and interactive systems. www.arc-sec.com

Tingting Yang (CN) is a senior engineer of CASE, Shanghaitech University. She graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2007. She has been committed to the research and development of robot and its automation, robot metrology and process control, digital intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet and other related fields. She has applied for 7 patents and 5 have been authorized.

Haofei Kuang (CN) got his master degree in Computer Science at ShanghaiTech University, supervised by Prof. Sören Schwertfeger. His research interests include Computer Vision and Robotics. Now, he is a PhD student at the Photogrammetry & Robotics Lab of University of Bonn.

Hongsheng Gao(CN), DIV Lab Digital Designer in ShanghaiTech University, Former Tencent visual designer, Research areas include UI/UX Design, 3D Concept Design, Cross-media Interaction Design, AR/VR Visual Design.

Ziqiang Huang(CN), DIV Lab Digital Designer in ShanghaiTech University, Research areas include New media art, Interaction Design, Interaction Projection Mapping.

Project Credits:

This project was supported by ShanghaiTech University and The University of Auckland.