Blake Johnston (NZ)


Spectra is a mechatronic audiovisual work that navigates the intersections of sound and light. The work investigates their shared medium and explores how each element interact and distort one another. Pure white light is passed through a lens which is deformed by a mechatronic assemblage, dispersing its parts and scattering its colours. Sound is created and composed for the system, and through spectral analysis, its spectral qualities are imposed onto light through deforming the lens. The result is a dynamic interplay between colour, light, and sound.

Artist Biography:

Blake Johnston is a sound artist, technologist, academic, and composer from Aotearoa, New Zealand. His practice sits at the intersection of experience design and emerging forms of technology, synthesising these fields to explore the perception of the audience. His work adopts new forms of technology to create environments and experiences across multiple disciplines including live performance, kinetic sculpture, musical mechatronics, wearable technology, and installation art.

Project Credits:

This project is supported by Massey University.