Distant Touch

Prototyping a Gallery for Cyber-physical Artefacts


arc/sec Lab:

Ibtihal Al Hinai (OM),

Kenny Chau (NZ), Betty Han (NZ),

Erika He (NZ),

Eric Lee (NZ),

Yan Li (CN),

Jacky Zheng (CN),

Uwe Rieger (DE/NZ)



Cyber Gallery – Distant Touch

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Distant Touch was a Design Studio at the University of Auckland to explore the new concept of long-distance space and hybrid objects. The project consists of a 3D online gallery to showcase and transport physical artefacts through an infinite network of locations. The artefacts combine 3D printing with augmented digital animations, which can be viewed on phones, tablets or AR headsets.

Artist Biography:

Ibtihal Al Hinai, Kenny Chau, Betty Han, Erika He and Eric Lee developed their projects as a part of a 3rd year Architecture design studio at the University of Auckland. The studio consisted of 20 students with 10 being onsite and 10 students located overseas. It was set up as an applied test for remote collaboration, with design meetings held in Cyber Galleries and 3D printed artefacts materializing around the world.

Project Credits:

Studio led by Assoc. Prof Uwe Rieger , Yan Li and Jacky Zheng (arc/sec Lab, University of Auckland, New Zealand)

The arc/sec Lab for Cyber-Physical Design and Interactive Systems is based at the University of Auckland. The Lab explores real time Reactive Architecture through the fusion of digital information and physical constructions. The arc/sec team works in different constellations and across diverse disciplines. Large-scale prototypes and installations at the Lab are the starting point for both, the development of practice oriented applications and a speculation on the future of our built environment.