Jacky Ziyi Zheng (NZ/CN)

Uwe Rieger (DE/NZ)

Yan Li (NZ/CN)


Cyber Gallery – CyberBio

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CyberBio project explores the design of interaction between human and biomaterial. Underpinning are the research areas of Extended Realities, Hybrid Systems and Digital Materials. As part of the research investigation, a pop-up laboratory was constructed consisting of both the bio-physical structures and the digital spatial overlay viewed through HoloLens 2. The installation serves as a large spatial computer to allow hybrid interactions between users and biomaterials. The biomaterials created in this project are embedded in the living material life cycle of growth and decay – in this instance algae. It requires the user to look after and care for it over time. The prototypical installation was used to test a variety of user material interaction, including moisturising, feeding, touching and talking to the living-material. The interaction between human and living material demonstrates new forms of interaction and restores a sense of human connectivity.

Artist Biography:

Jacky Zheng is a freelance designer and the co-ordinator of Digital Research Hub. He has recently completed the MArch (Prof) degree at the University of Auckland in 2021. Over the past few years, Jacky has worked on multiple themed environment designs. His research works revolve around interactive installations and mixed-reality architectural environments.

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Project Credits:

This project is supervised by Uwe Rieger and Yan Li at the arc/sec Lab at the University of Auckland.