Wandering Lost

Elam, UoA: Dr Sean Kerr (NZ)

Project Description

Wandering lost is a real-time 3d artwork comprising several components; virtual 3D objects, an Avatar, AI elements, and multi-camera setup. For this project, it was my intention to let-go allowing the AI elements to take control in a humorous vein, with kitsch gestures, odd real-time edits and camera angles. The work intends to subvert conventional thinking about identity and offer an open, generative and non-programmatic approach to the creative invention using AI scripts to generate a real-time outcome –the movement of the Avatar or camera angles all determined by the AI scripts. These mechanisms create unease, anticipation and suspense, employed to heighten responsive interaction between spectators and the real-time 3d world. The conceptual and presentation strategies used in this installation triggered shifts between the familiar and the unknown, thus providing unanticipated and often humourous experiences for our audience.

Artist Bio

Sean Kerr (NZ): Sean Kerr currently lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand, where he is a practising artist and senior academic, at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland. Within the broader field of visual arts his work as an artist is distinguished by a sustained engagement with new and emergent technologies from the perspective of their interactive potentials, and documents this focus through exhibitions, moving image, and sound performances.