New Dexterity

Making Humans and Robots More Dexterous

The New Dexterity research team, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Auckland: Minas Liarokapis (GR), Lucas Gerez (BR), Gal Gorjup (SI), Geng Gao (NZ), Che-Ming (Ben) Chang (NZ), Joao Buzzato (BR), Jayden Chapman (NZ), Mojtaba Shahmohammadi (IR), Anany Dwivedi (IN)

Project Description

The New Dexterity research team invites you to an event focusing on state-of-the-art robotics, automation, and biomechatronics technologies that can bring humans and robots together, increasing their capabilities in three different ways: technologically, collectively, and synergistically. 

The demonstrations will include:

i) intelligent robotic platforms executing everyday tasks

ii) humans collaborating with robots with AR and VR technologies 

iii) humans teaching robots how to execute tasks

iv) robotic exoskeleton gloves for rehabilitation and human augmentation 

v) a series of robotic and prosthetic arms, grippers and hands 

vi) all-terrain robotic vehicles

Project Credits

New Dexterity research team, The University of Auckland.

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