DARA, Victoria University of Wellington: Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel (DE/ NZ), Tane Moleta (NZ)

*GEHEIMNIS is the central DARA hub. It is one journey in ten episodes – it includes Virtual Sensory Convergence by Thomas Tucker et al. The 10 episodes are described:

-Within the Mozilla Hub linked above

-On the DARA website:  https://dara.digital/ars

-On the DARA Vimeo Channel: https://vimeo.com/channels/1624810

Project Description

*GEHEIMNIS is an ongoing exploration undertaken by the Digital Architecture Research Alliance [DARA]. This series of experiments drive their roots into the fertile soils of the emerging and computable patterns of cities and cultures. Hereby digital instruments aid the cultivation of these patterns and allow the designer to lead spatial design towards a multi-dimensional and – nodal integration of form, function, space, genius loci, context and culture. DARA explore urban and architectural design to support a “twenty-four plus one” hour active usage, whereby the additional hour relates to added value of the digital design exploration. Parallel Realities play a crucial role in achieving and engaging with this vision. *GEHEIMNIS is an environment to explore, to create and to wonder.

Project Credits

Victoria University of Wellington, Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation.



Artist Bios

Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel (DE/NZ): Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel is the Dean of the Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innova-tion, Chair Professor Architectural Technology at the Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and former Visiting Professor at School of Architecture, Sheffield University. As Dean, he is currently establishing a new Faculty of Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship that brings together Schools and Centres of VUW that focus on creative innovation. Trained as an Architect, he is leading research and education in the field of Architectural Technology. He publishes extensively internationally about novel perspectives in digital architecture and urban design. He curated three digital architectural exhibitions, Disparallel Spaces, 8448cubed, and Immersive Legacies, and chaired several international conferences, among them the 15th and 24th International CAADRIA Conference ‘New Frontiers’, and ‘Intelligent & In-formed’ the 47th and 51stConference of the Architectural Science Association ‘Cutting Edge’ and ‘Back to the Future’, as well as the Smart Geometry Conference Hong Kong. He has established the Digital Architecture Research Alliance, DARA, as well as the online social network Urban Digitalics connecting professionals and researchers in innovative digital spatial design. https://people.wgtn.ac.nz/marcaurel.schnabel

Tane Moleta (NZ): holds the lectureship for Interdisciplinary Digital Design in the Wellington School of Architecture. His research spans the fields of Architectural Design, VFX and Architectural Visualisation. His work has been exhibited in shows such as ‘Built Fabric’ (Toi Poneke 2010), Digital Fields (Common Ground, 2015) and Digital Biophilia (Letting Space, 2015) He has developed and co/developed curatorial works for institutions, academic fora and public realms, such as Immersive Realities (The National Museum of New Zealand, 2017), Immersive Legacies (Museum of Wellington, 2019) Intelligent and Informed – (CAADRIA2019, NZ), In the forest with the trees we made (Design in the Anthropocene, 2020, TL). https://people.wgtn.ac.nz/tane.moleta