Hybrid augmentation of ephemeral matter and digital bits

arc/sec Lab: Jacky Ziyi Zheng (NZ/CN), Uwe Rieger (DE/NZ), Yan Li (NZ/CN)

Project Description

CyberBio Project explores a new breed of mixed-reality architecture, through the hybridization of digital bits and ephemeral physical elements. This project combines the “living” properties of biological material with its “living” data information to create a fusion of digital and physical reality.

Project Credits

This project is supervised  by Uwe Rieger and Yan Li at the arc/sec Lab at the University of Auckland.

Artist Bios

Jacky Ziyi Zheng (CN): Jacky is a freelance designer and a research assistant. He is currently completing the MArch (Prof) degree at the University of Auckland and specializes in the field of mixed reality architecture. Jacky developed his interest in cyber architecture and art from science fiction films. He operates in the fields of cutting-edge technologies and seeks to implement technological experimentations into the fields of architectural designs. Jacky’s design project “Hybrid Objects | Urchin” and “Cyber-Physical Vibration Structure” explored the hybrid reality between the physical constructions and digital infographics. His current thesis project is a continuation of these design investigations and explores the hybrid augmentation between the bio-degrading matter and digital bits. The CyberBio installation is developed and built as a proof-of-concept for this thesis. Jacky’s projects aim to go beyond the realm of speculation to present 1:1 prototype that demonstrates the concepts of mix-reality architecture. Over the past few years Jacky has been involved in multiple installation projects including the “Penumbral Reflection” with PAC Studio; “Drawing the Room| Drawing within the Room” with Dr Marian Macken; “Light Wing I & II” with the arc/sec lab. Projection mapping, anaglyph design and motion tracking were used extensively as part of these projects. These projects helped establish the technological foundations of Jacky’s work. During Jacky’s study at the University of Auckland, he worked as a research assistant at the Digital Research Hub and was a teaching assistant for “Architectural Media II”. He was involved in the operation of digital fabrication machines as well as offering technical support for students. Jacky has a particular interest in entertainment design, his freelance design works include the designs of themed environments and events. He has worked on a number of design work for DawnFinder and Rawstorne Studio, he provided conceptual design ideas and visualization during the initial phases of the design process. On the side of commissioned design works, Jacky is also actively competing in design competitions. He has won multiple design awards in the past years including ArchEngBuild Competition Winner 2019 (Branz NZ), Incheon Concept Design Competition Winner 2019 (Weta Workshop) and the Art Prison Competition Finalist 2018 (Young Architects Competition). Artist webpage