Boil Up

Rawstorne Studio

Project Description

‘Boil-Up’ is a groundbreaking AI exhibit, developed for Auckland Museums’ ‘Moana – My Ocean’ exhibition. A ‘boil-up’ occurs when baitfish swarm in a tightly packed spherical form in a bid to escape large predatory fish, mammals and birds. It is a last-ditch defensive measure adopted by bait fish when they are threatened.

Rawstorne studio was given the brief to create a filmic, experiential installation depicting this phenomenon, the focus needed to be on the physical drama, the diversity and interconnectedness of marine life taking part.

Our creative team became entranced by the way the ‘boil-up’ “organism” appeared to behave as a single entity moving and flowing like “mercury”, and how outside influences affected it’s behaviour. We felt this was the perfect project to explore AI (the creation of intelligent computer generated entities that are able to perform tasks, which normally require biological intelligence or systems). We teamed up with the highly innovative coder Robert Hodgin whose work in this field fitted perfectly with the brief.

Project Credits

Auckland War Memorial Museum 
Creative Direction – Robin Rawstorne
Software Coding – Robert Hodgin
Creative Direction & Technical Producer – Oliver Jean
Sound Scape – Harmonic Studios
‘Theatre Space’ Construction – Cutting Innovations