With the simultaneity and duality of local-physical and globally networked events all over the world, Ars Electronica 2020 becomes an exciting experimental laboratory and prototype for a next-level networking that will focus primarily on new forms and possibilities of fusion and coexistence of analog and digital, real and virtual, physical and telematic proximity. Starting in Linz and working with partner gardens from Ars Electronica’s extraordinarily large international network, “real” events will take place in many places, with “real” artists and scientists for “real” audiences, all of which will be networked into a festival from September 9 to 13.



The Ars Electronica Garden Aotearoa offers a portal to visit the creative and emerging technology scene of the South Pacific. It assembles selected projects from New Zealand’s technologists, artists and University researchers. Curated by the Digital Research Hub (DRH) and developed by the arc/sec Lab at the University of Auckland, the Garden welcomes local and international visitors to a cyber gallery hovering above an imaginary New Zealand landscape.   

A setting of large-scale projection screens combined with 3D projection mapping creates a dynamic environment which augments physical artefacts with virtual presentation formats using the Mozilla Hubs platform. In Auckland and Wellington, you may explore some of the projects in person. As a global visitor you will gain access through your PC screen or VR headset.

The exhibition allows for both, to showcase projects from the New Zealand based contributors and to host content from other Ars Electronica hubs.

The Ars Electronica Garden Aotearoa presents live performances, prototypical installations and virtual projects. It offers tours through workshops and research facilities, and takes its visitors to cultural sites and through extraordinary landscapes.

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Credits and Acknowledgements

Garden host:  Digital Research Hub (DRH), University of Auckland

Garden development by arc/sec Lab: Uwe Rieger, Yan Li  and Yinan Liu 

Supported by: David Clark, Leo Zhu, Jacky Zheng , Calvin Feng , William Chen

Hubs designed by: Angela Li, Zoe Ooi, Luke Schwalger, Hellen Yue

For full credits see individual hub and project pages.

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